First Financial Services of Michigan believes there is only one way to invest – the right way. This includes three major components: Own equities, diversify globally, and rebalance systematically. We believe investing becomes gambling, when either stock picking, market timing, or chasing a track record occurs within a portfolio. It's safe to say that everyone agrees you shouldn't gamble with your retirement nest egg. At First Financial Services of Michigan, we prefer the prudent investing approach. The key to avoid gambling with your investments and start investing prudently, is to follow Free Market Portfolio Theory.

Free Market Portfolio Theory was developed by Mark Matson, CEO and Founder of Matson Money, and is the synthesis of three academic principles: Efficient Market Hypothesis, Modern Portfolio Theory, and the Three-Factor Model. Together these concepts form a powerful, disciplined, and diversified approach to investing. The result is globally diversified portfolios including over 16,000 individual holdings spread across more than forty countries, designed and engineered to capture market rates of return around the globe.

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All investing involves risk and costs. Your advisor can provide you with more information about the risks and costs associated with specific programs. No investment strategy (including asset allocation and diversification strategies) can ensure improved confidence, assure profit, or protect against loss.

Some materials on this website have been reprinted or adapted with permission by Matson Money, Inc.


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