Like you, we were frustrated with Wall Street's strategies. We believed there was a better way to invest that didn't involve speculating and gambling with our clients' future prosperity on the line. Twenty nine years ago that all changed. We learned of investment portfolios that are built on Nobel Prize winning research, accepted academic investing principles, and are backed up by empirically tested data. Since then, we've coached thousands of investors on the myths and the sobering truths of investing. Giving our clients the ability to take control of their financial future by arming them with the tools required to fend off the Wall Street Bullies.


The first step in your journey is to educate yourself to identify the traps that we must avoid and discover what it takes to build a better investment portfolio. Attending our complementary webinar, "Separating Myths from Truth", will leave you equipped with knowledge that will serve you for a lifetime!


Your financial future hangs in the balance and you are in charge of it's outcome. We are calling on you to fight for it. Register for the webinar and join us on Wednesday, April 8th at 3:00 PM EST.


People are looking for a better way to invest their hard-earned money. However, the Wall Street bullies are standing in the way of the Investor's success. Wall Street's strategies, that are pushed upon the average investor, have one commonality, which is gambling with your hard-earned money. This results in a confused investing public that can't trust anyone to guide them. Investing shouldn't be confusing nor time consuming.

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All investing involves risk and costs. Your advisor can provide you with more information about the risks and costs associated with specific programs. No investment strategy (including asset allocation and diversification strategies) can ensure improved confidence, assure profit, or protect against loss.

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