William Frank Furest, Jr. LIC, RFC®

Bill is a lifelong resident of Harrison Twp., Michigan, married to Carey with three children and six grandchildren. Bill's favorite pastimes are hunting and fishing and spending summer days working on his ranch property in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

With over 50 years in the business community, Bill has served on the boards of numerous public and private organizations including past President of the Selfridge Air Force - Base Community Council, a key organization charged with the responsibility of promoting the viability of Selfridge Air National Guard Base (SANG) for our entire country’s defenses as well as economic stimulus for southeastern Michigan. Bill is one of the few civilians in the country to fly in a F-16 fighter jet!

Bill is the founder of First Financial Services of Michigan with expertise in estate planning, business planning, and life insurance.

144 South Main Street, Mount Clemens, MI 48043

ffscontact@yourfinancialcoach.com  |   (586) 463-1880

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